Contactless Shoots Policy

Protecting the CollectivePrism community from COVID-19

CollectivePrism takes the health and safety of all members of our community seriously. With that in mind, we’re introducing Contactless Shoots to the CollectivePrism platform. Please reconsider any shoots that are not essential. Please also note that all parties must observe local and state regulations related to social distancing.

What is a 'Contactless Shoot'?

A 'contactless' or 'no-contact' shoot is a shoot where you do not directly come in contact with your photographer. Instead, you meet in a safe, agreed upon location, maintain a comfortable distance of 6+ ft, and then proceed with the shoot as planned for an essential need.

Contactless Shoot Do’s and Don’ts
Please do
  • Maintain a safe distance of 6+ ft at all times.
  • Wash your hands before and after shoots.
  • Wear gloves to the shoot if you have access to a pair.
  • Before your shoot, disinfect any surfaces that your photographer may come in contact with.
  • Try to have your shoot in a well-ventilated space wherever possible. If the space is not well-ventilated, consider wearing a mask if you have access to one.
  • Use your best judgement to keep you and everyone in the CollectivePrism community safe.

  • Don't
  • Shake hands with your photographer at the start or end of the shoot.
  • Travel in vehicles w/ your photographer.
  • Touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or the photographer’s equipment while completing a shoot.
  • Go ahead with a shoot if it is not urgent or may be unsafe. You can reschedule for free.

  • How do I request a Contactless Shoot for an existing booking?

    No action is required on your part. All shoots scheduled will automatically default to the Contactless option. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us via the CollectivePrism Help Center.

    How do I create a new Contactless Shoot?

    All shoots scheduled will automatically default to the Contactless option. If you would like to request the Contactless option for new bookings, please let us know by specifying "contactless" in the 'Additional details' section of your booking.

    Once booked, please connect with your photographer to discuss your Contactless Shoot details.

    Agree on a safe and clean location for the shoot to take place, and follow CollectivePrism’s Contactless Shoot guidelines.

    Thank you for choosing CollectivePrism. Please stay safe and healthy, and help flatten the curve. For additional guidance, please visit the World Health Organization site here.

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